Debbie Jenkins

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2010 after noticing some dimpling on my left breast. I had two operations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy followed by a booster course of radiotherapy. Writing this now seems crazy, I can’t believe it happened to me! My treatment went very well apart from a short stay in hospital as I had a high temperature. I’ve always been pretty fit so I was able to continue working but doing reduced hours especially the week after my chemotherapy. If you are on chemotherapy my advice is to walk and perform just gentle exercises, I felt sick but walking helped and my energy levels were much better if I walked. It took me about a year to get back to work normally and return to my keep fit class but now I feel fitter than I was before breast cancer and I’ve lost a stone in weight. I do find it difficult to come to terms with at times and I worry about breast cancer coming back but I guess that’s a normal reaction. I lead a busy life with work and elderly relatives to look after so I try to just get on with it which I do pretty well. I’m sure when I’ve been cancer free for 5 years it will be easier.


In May 2012 I decided to do the Bristol 10K to raise funds for B.U.S.T and my Sister said that she would like to do it with me which was really lovely. We did a bit of training but decided we would walk it rather than run. The day was really lovely, every time we saw a bright pink B.U.S.T t-shirt we waved and people were calling out well done to one another. We raised over £1000 between us and we were thrilled with our achievement.


This year we’ve raised almost £200 so far but I hope there will be more to come. I enjoy card making so I am busy making cards to sell so I hope my fund raising for B.U.S.T will continue throughout the year.



Kind Regards - Debbie


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